Manco Home Builders has been building Homes and Additions in the Lake, DuPage, and Cook county area for over 13 years and in that time, they have designed and developed a system of building custom homes with a focus on making it an enjoyable experience for our clients and their families.

Building a custom home and Additions can be overwhelming, given the hundreds and hundreds of decisions you must make in the process, and let’s not forget this all must be done while clients are busy working and raising a family at the same time. Try as we may Life does not pause during construction. 

That’s why Manco over the years has broken the process down into manageable steps to uncomplicate the process and make it a smooth, seamless and enjoyable journey. Whether it’s an acre lot in West Chicago or 50 x 135-foot teardown lot in Elmhurst, Manco can walk you thru the process. Contact us to discuss your project and our process.

Process Steps

Each step in the 25-step list has from 10-50 sub-steps so as you can see it’s a lot of decisions that must be made in a timely manner to keep the project on time and more importantly on budget.
  • Creating a preliminary Design and Budget (most important step)
  • Determine Site Location & Cost
  • (15-25 step process)
  • Finalize design and budgets
  • Financing and Construction Loan (15-20 steps)
  • Build schedule for project
  • Start selection process
  • Schedule Subcontractors
  • Order Materials
  • Site & Foundation
  • Framin
  • Exterior Masonry
  • Roofing
  • Soffit & Siding  
  • Plumbing
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Electrical
  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Tile & Flooring
  • Doors
  • Trim & Cabinets
  • Interior Paint & Wallpaper
  • Final Finish & Trim
  • Final Clean up
  • Move in 


Q: Do I need to get building permits?
A: Manco will take care of all Architectural blue prints, site engineering and permits as required by each individual municipality.

Q: Who is responsible for all the inspections?
A: Manco will schedule all inspections and meet the inspectors on the site so if any issues arise they are there to handle quickly.

Q: Is Manco licensed and insured?
A: Manco carries over and above all the necessary insurances and makes sure any and all subcontractors carry necessary insurance, Manco and any of its subcontractors are also licensed in the municipality as required by law.
Q: Do you use subcontractors or your own employees?
Manco through its sister company self performs demolition, excavation, footing and foundations, set steel, framing, set exterior windows & doors, siding fascia and soffit. The balance roof, mechanicals, and finishing trades are sub-contractors that have been working with Manco for over 5-13 years each.  

Q: I’m looking at a house to buy, will Manco come out and estimate the cost of various improvements so I can make an informed decision on my purchase?
A: Yes, Manco will for a reasonable fee come out and meet you at the home you are thinking of buying and give you some quick estimate ranges for the improvement types your thinking of doing in the future.


A 1 year installation from date of completion and 1 year structural warranty, what does this mean for you? It means that if your home addition or renovation has a problem from something we’ve installed, even one that doesn’t surface for two years, we fix it. And if there’s a structural issue that creeps up, we’ll stand behind it for 1 years.

Manco’s is here to assist you during normal business hours, seven days a week. That’s how confident we are in our work.

Manco Home Builders backs all its custom homes and additions with a full one year warranty for your Pease of mind.

*Certain exclusions and limitations apply to the Warranty Program. Complete details of the Manco Warranty and Transferability are available at our Villa Park location upon request. Villa Park Design Showroom: 723 N. Addison Rd., Villa Park, Illinois 60191
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